About Greenbilt Homes

GREENbilt Homes is the 1st GREENHOUSE Certified home builder in the Halton Region and has received the Ontario Green Custom Home Builder of the Year Award, LEED Gold Certified Builder, CMHC Healthy Home Award and CMHC Healthy Home Design Award.  Additionally, GREENbilt Homes as been featured in numerous national and Toronto newspapers and industry magazines for our innovative lead on numerous custom home projects in the Toronto area.


Our Commitment   

At GREENbilt Homes, we have 3 KEY commitments that define us. 

Customer Satisfaction:

Our homeowner's satisfaction is the most important thing in our mind.  We are committed to creating your dream home, the way you envision it, and doing that in the most ethical and professional way.  We work to create a trusting relationship with our customers and we value their concerns and questions.

Quality Homes:

Our second commitment is to building quality custom homes.  We are specialized in the construction of green sustainable custom homes, which is something that sets us apart from other custom home builders.  Our attention to detail and desire to inform the client about various innovative and cost-effective options is what ultimately produces the best home with the happiest homeowners. 

The Environment:

Our final commitment is to the environment.  Addressing the environmental challenges we face today is a tall order; however, building green and sustainable buildings is a great step forward.  It is something our homeowners can take pride in, knowing that they are helping to protect the environment while still being offered the most cost-effective options.


Why Choose Us?

GREENbilt Homes employs new and innovative techniques to improve sustainable custom home building. We have a very knowledgeable and experienced crew who is dedicated to maintaining our high company standards.  Most importantly we communicate with our customers.  Clearly, this is your home and we want to facilitate your vision of your new custom home.

We have extensive knowledge about the industry and the latest green building products and solutions. At GREENbilt Homes, we strive to make this journey of creating your dream home as easy and successful as possible for you.  It can be overwhelming at first, but we are here in a supportive role, to help you make intelligent and informed decisions. 

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More About Greenbilt Homes

GREENbilt Homes is a business that has grown through many years of experience and hard work.  Our President, Mike Manning, has over 35 years of experience in the construction business and has focused his passion into building more sustainable and green efficient homes.  This means building homes with the goal of energy and water conservation using sustainable strategies of passive solar, resilient materials, waste management while incorporating a healthy life style environment. These ideologies are supported with the creation of a continuous building envelope which represents the keystone of building green.

Green building is here and similar to the auto industry which has seen reduced emissions and increased fuel efficiency, similar environmental gains will be realized within the housing industry. The Ontario Building Code has increased the energy conservation requirements of new construction and we are one of the few to lead it into success.  We seek out the best products and techniques and combine them into a “A la Carte” menu of green options which then allows the homeowner to select the features for their green efficient home.  GREENbilt Homes offers insightful expertise and the cost-benefit analysis of green options so the homeowner can feel good about making informed decisions.


      PHIUS Passive House Certified Builder