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Aug. 30, 2019:
Radio Interview: GLOBAL NEWS RADIO The Morning Show
Today on AM 640 TORONTO, Mike Manning talks with Mike Stafford about the FlexPlex® solution.
Listen to the Interview here.

Aug. 29, 2019:
Globe & Mail newspaper article: GREENbilt Homes and Sustainable have created the FLEXPLEX®
solution offering small-scale developments with rental units which can provide housing arrangements
for people to span their lifetime.  Read more for online Globe & Mail subscribers
or View in PDF format here.

FlexPlex by GREENbilt Homes & Sustainable


Mar. 26, 2018:
Rockwool, Blueskin, and well-known Sustainable Building consultant John Godden of Clearsphere
headlined a sustainable building industry event at the Rockwool (formerly Roxul) plant in Milton.
Some recent projects with GREENbilt Homes and Sustainable.TO Architecture were highlighted
in each of these three presentations, including the project below.



Mar. 22, 2018: Mike Manning is now a CERTIFIED PASSIVE HOUSE Builder!
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Mike Manning, Master Carpenter & President of GREENbilt Homes
was awarded the professional designation of Certified Passive House Builder
by the Passive House Institute, a North American organization. *
                    PHIUS Certified PASSIVE HOUSE Builder

Passive homes offer tremendous benefits to homeowners:

  • Up to 90% Cost Savings from Energy Efficiency.
  • Unmatched Comfort from super-insulation and air-tight construction.
  • Superb Indoor air Quality from continuous ventilation with fresh filtered air.
  • Best Path to Net Zero and Net Positive buildings by minimizing the demand for energy.
  • Extremely Resilient Buildings with comprehensive modelling, design and construction.

* PHIUS Certified Passive House Builder designation awarded February 24, 2018

Nov. 24, 2017:  In line with Sidewalk Toronto, GREENbilt Homes is working on sustainable apartment building construction to address the growth in need for more rental units while providing the added features for an energy-efficient, healthy living environment.  
Ken Greenberg writes:  At a moment when over 80% of Canadians live in city regions, the challenges related to all aspects of achieving a sustainable future are piling up.
Sidewalk Toronto - GREENbilt Apartments

Aug. 30, 2017:  Monster Storms - Is Toronto Safe?  GREENbilt Homes builds in a variety of water-handling features that address our expectation of increasing incidents of heavy rainfall.   
FORTUNE Magazine: Why Storms Like Harvey Could become the New Normal
Monster Storms - Is Toronto safe?

Jul. 13, 2017: GREENbilt Project featured in latest issue of ONTARIO HOMEBUILDER Magazine
View Press Release in PDF Format
GREENbilt Blueskin Vapour Barrier

Jun. 1, 2017:  TESLA Offering Solar Roof Tiles in USA - You may soon be able to turn sunlight into electricity with TESLA Solar Roof tiles.  
YOUTUBE - Elon Musk Unveils Future of Domestic Solar Energy:
TESLA Solar Roof Tiles Coming Soon

Jun. 1, 2017:  ;Raising The Bar: Achieving Greater Sustainability And Energy Efficiency - Featured on Custom Builder Magazine  about the Toronto Method Wall Assembly using ROXUL created by GREENbilt Homes and Sustainable.TO Architecture + Building.
View in PDF Format.

May 31, 2017:  YOUTUBE video:  A recent brief overview of our award-winning Toronto Passive Solar House, by the designer, Sustainable.TO Architecture & Building,built by GREENbilt Homes:  Toronto Passive Solar House

Apr. 20, 2017:  YOUTUBE video:  View our new Toronto area custom home, built by Mike Manning, President, GREENbilt Homes, in close collaboration with the homeowner to build their dream home with classic grandeur  :  GREENbilt Homes Toronto Custom Home

In close collaboration with the homeowner, Mike Manning builds this modest yet classic Toronto area custom home.


Feb. 25, 2017:  YOUTUBE video:  Take a tour of our new Toronto custom home featuring a green energy-saving design with Mike Manning, President, GREENbilt Homes & Principal Architect, Paul Dowsett, Sustainble.TO :  Better Built Home Tour - Feb. 2017

GREENbilt Homes & Sustainable.TO lead the Better Built Home Tour of Toronto Custom Home.

Oct. 15, 2016:  YOUTUBE video: Mike Manning, President, GREENbilt Homes & Principal Architect, Paul Dowsett, Sustainble.TO tour Risebrough Residence describing green sustainable energy-saving elements of Risebrough Residence at:  Green Energy Doors Open 2016

GREENbilt Homes & Sustainable.TO tour Toronto Energy Saving Sustainable Home

Sep. 10, 2016:  YOUTUBE video: Mike Manning, President, GREENbilt Homes on: Energy Efficient Home Tour - Doors Open 2016

Mike Manning, GREENbilt Homes, on Energy Saving Sustainable Home & Doors Open Event


Aug. 17, 2016:  GREENbilt invites you to come to our High Performance House Tour on Saturday, Sept. 10, 2016.
 House Tour

June 24, 2016:  GREENbilt House featured in Toronto's leading newspaper, The Toronto Sun...
Rethinking Green, Inside & Out

June 23, 2016:  GREENbilt believes in sustainability inside and out.
View GREENbilt House  &  Read our press release...

June 17, 2011:  GREENbilt wins over top Toronto green-home designers in Home Sweet Home competition.  
Read Toronto Star ...

May 27, 2010:  GREENbilt builds Greenhouse Certified custom home in Greater Toronto area.   See the Globe & Mail article here ...

Mike Manning of GREENbilt Homes tours Sustainable Greenbilt House 

Our media is the expanding part of our website, where we add videos and articles about our construction projects.  In our video section, we are building a database of short videos to help you, the customer, learn about some of the processes and benefits of building green.  

      PHIUS Passive House Certified Builder