Our Commitment

Greenbilt Homes is committed to your satisfaction with our quality work and fine craftsmanship. Our work is "Built to Last".

All of the photos on this website are examples of our work. From them, you will see why Mike Manning is considered to be a master carpenter, and is held in high regard by our clients. “Reliable”, “professional”, and “trusted” are the words we strive to keep our customers saying.

Your new home comes with a one-year Tarion New Home Warranty. But what the warranty effectively means is that if there is a problem in the first year due a quality issue (i.e. not cause by a flood or something else beyond our control) we will fix it.

If there is a quality issue, it should show up in that time period. But were a problem to develop over a longer time period, we will come to evaluate it and discuss it with you. If it is our fault, we will fix it. We are so committed to your satisfaction, sometimes we come out after the fact and fix problems caused by other people. Click here to see what our clients say about us. Since we have been in business 1991, you can count on us to be around to make good on our promise.

Canada Green Building Council