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green home builder in TorontoGreenbilt Homes is green home builder in Toronto.  With a long history as a general contracting firm that builds new homes, additions and renovations, Suntech formed sister company Greenbilt to focus on sustainable projects.  We have a track record of building homes that are beautiful and comfortable, and Greenbilt's showcase home proves that a luxury custom home can be green! 

Everyone has different values when it comes to going green. So although green certification systems mandate minimum levels of green features, we at Greenbilt Homes respect that everyone’s values are different.  We can build to the standards required by LEED for Homes, GreenHouse™ and Energy Star™. Or we can build to your standards.

We can provide you with a custom home that is consistent with your budget. Our value proposition is that we can build a green home at a comparable cost to its non-green counterpart. We will work with you to plan and build your new home, and take you through any certification process you chose.

We are an Oakville-base company. We work in the Greater Toronto area.

Our customers are very happy with the work we do (Client Testimonials).  We are happy to answer your questions. Please contact us.

Sincerely, Mike Manning

Canada Green Building Council