We are Different

In some ways we are the same as many other custom home builders: 

Experienced Reliable
Professionally trained Progressive
Qualified Trusted
         Passionate about  home building

But in some very important ways we are different.  We have a passion for building homes that make a net contribution:  To the environment; to society; to your long term investment.

Our homes are the result of a two-year research and development program focused on a mission: Deliver certified green houses at a similar price to other custom homes.  Notice we don’t say “the same price as other custom homes.”  That’s not a catch, it’s just being honest, because every custom home is unique.  So we are different because we are offering something more – a green certified home – for what you’d pay if it wasn’t green.

We’d love to tell you more about our research program and the cutting edge technology that we use in our homes.  If you are intrigued, please contact us at info@greenbilthomes.ca

Canada Green Building Council