Green Home Gallery

Contrary to popular belief, a green home is not just a reality in California! In fact, all of the green homes featured on these pages are located in climates similar to, or even harsher than that of southern Ontario.


This home is located in Orangeville, Ontario. The family living here enjoy all the modern conveniences we might expect, such as a dishwasher, large-screen TV, stereo and multiple computers.

This loft apartment complex is located in Lawrenceville, Massachusetts. At the time of its building, Monarch on the Merrimack was the largest single residential complex in the US to use geothermal heating and cooling. Condo purchasers are especially impressed by the low utility bills.


This straw bale home is under construction in Cochrane, Alberta. Straw bale construction is popular because of its superior insulating properties.

This home is located in Syracuse, New York and has been certified as meeting the gold standard of Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Design (LEED).

This home is located in British Columbia and at the time of its building, was the only home in Canada built to LEED platinum standards. It consumes approximately one quarter of the energy of a conventional home. 


These homes are all located in upstate New York and heated and cooled through geothermal technology.
Canada Green Building Council