The Green House Project

The Green House at 2305 Belyea Street in Bronte Village is a brand new custom home in Oakville. Modeled on an old Scarborough farmhouse, it is meant to remind us of a lifestyle lived by our Ontario forefathers that was easy on the environment.  This beautiful and comfortable eco-showhome in pedestrian-oriented Bronte Village has 84 features that make it green including: energy and water conservation; materials and technology that support sustainability; and low-to-no toxicity in construction materials, construction methods and the cleaning process.

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One of the signature features of the house is a walk-in cold cellar to preserve food, just like the houses of old, which eliminates the need for a second fridge.  However, this cellar gets its cooling from a geothermal system designed to extract cold from liquid piped through the ground outside the basement. Green features that are taken from houses designed in the 1860s also include reliance on daylight for lighting, overhangs and porches for shading, and masonry materials to help keep the house cool in summer.  Just like the heritage homes our forefathers left behind, this house has many traditional features such as a large front porch, a Georgian centre hall design, a back porch and mudroom, back stairs to enter the cellar, and “carriage house” garage in the back. 

One of the most appealing aspects of the Green House is that residents will find it more comfortable than living in a conventional house because there will be no warm or cold spots, there is radiant floor heating in important places like bathrooms, and the air quality is great even when the windows are closed.  Systems in the house like high efficiency heating and cooling, Energy Star energy-saving appliances and water conserving fixtures will make being green carefree. 

Green House_logo.tagline email small.jpgThe GreenHouse™ certification by Enerquality, the same organization that certifies Energy Star™ houses, ensures the home:

  • is highly energy efficient, meeting or exceeding Energy Star requirements;
  • conserves water;
  • is a healthy house with good indoor air quality; and
  • minimizes waste and incorporates sustainable materials during construction.

In addition to the energy conservation, water conservation, waste management, home health and recycled materials, this eco-home also incorporates the criteria of:

  • sustainable location
  • design innovation

to ensure that the new residents can easily live a sustainable lifestyle.

front-porch view.jpgInnovative “Back to the Future” design and sustainable location

Inspired by one of Ontario’s earliest surviving residences, Elderslie the Green House is designed to remind us that we are connected to the sustainable lifestyle of Ontario’s forefathers through our rural roots. The exterior color and material selection was based on Erchless, one of Oakville’s original homes.  The location in Bronte Village harkens back to the towns and villages of our forefathers when people walked to stores, schools and churches. 


Elderslie, 1575 Neilsen Road, Scarborough, Ontario.JPG


Elderslie is a farmhouse at 1575 Neilson Road, Scarborough Ontario.  The Green House was modeled on the Elderslie design because it is exemplary of Toronto area farmhouses built in the 1860s on a Georgian center-hall plan. Like the Green House Elderslie has an “L” shaped floor plan with a porch and mudroom in the rear of the dwelling.





Erchless is a Georgian style house at the foot of Navy Street in Olde Oakville.  Built in 1856, it was the home of Oakville’s founding family, the Chisholms. The Green House has adopted the classic color scheme of Erchless: red brick, black shutters and roof, and white porches, windows and trim.  This colour scheme continues to be a popular in Oakville as evidenced by the recently built home on Sovereign Street east of Nelson in Bronte Village.


Bronte Village and Harbour

Oakville’s Bronte Village is a former fishing port founded in 1834.  Some of Bronte's original settlers were United Empire Loyalists and many of the streets, including the Green House location on Belyea Street, were named after these early settlers.

With a compact, walkable area with a wide array of shops, restaurants and attractions centered around the Marina at Bronte Harbour, the Village is a quintessential “new urbanism” community which supports green lifestyles.   It is well served by public transit, and the Bronte GO train station is within easy biking distance.

Bronte Village residents have a strong feeling of identity and connection with their neighborhood, another feature of New Urbanism.  For those who want to feel a part of their neighborhood, this location is ideal.  The big front porch on the Green House will support that.  When the residents sit out on the front veranda, they will be saying hello to neighbours that they know.

The Green House is available for sale, please contact for details

Canada Green Building Council