Value Proposition

We believe that a green home is superior to a conventional home built under the Ontario Building Code (OBC).  The government thinks so too, and will change the OBC in 2011 to significantly increase the energy efficiency requirements in new homes.  So, very quickly, the standards for new homes will be a lot closer to Energy Star qualified houses, and we think that will be a strong signal to the public that energy inefficient homes are undesirable.

In addition, we believe that green certification in residential real estate will soon be a standard of excellence - just as it currently is in commercial real estate - and that certified buildings will begin to command a price premium on resale.  Our research shows that this is already beginning to happen in the United States. (See Why Certification)

The financial proposition of owning a certified green house looks appealing when you combine the cost savings you’ll enjoy while you live in the house with a potential price differential on resale.  What is priceless is the value of living in a house that protects your health and reflects your values.

Our value proposition is that we can build you a custom home that is green at a comparable cost to its non-green counterpart.  We will work with you to plan and build your new home, and take you through the certification process you choose.  We think that a cost-benefit evaluation of this proposition means there is real value in a green home.

Canada Green Building Council