Design-Build Process 

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Consultation1. Free Consultation

GREENbilt Homes offers a free consultation to discuss your design goals and budget, as well as explain our processes and building methods, and answer any questions you may have. Based on your specific needs we will help you select the most suited of our closely affiliated architects.

2. Conceptual Drawings

We help you determine the desired features you want to customize your home, producing rough sketches and extensive notes so the architect can translate your vision to working drawings. We also establish how green you want your house to be and the potential benefits of each component.

Drawings3. Integrated Design & Cost Planning

This is a round-table discussion between the owner, the architect and the builder, to collaboratively review the design and construction plan for your home ensuring that the project budget fulfills your vision.  The reviews are done in iterations so there is ample opportunity to make changes to the drawings to achieve your dream custom home design.

4. Project Proposal

Once the architectural drawings have been finalized we produce a project proposal package that includes a detailed scope of work, a full estimate for your project including allowances for finishes, and a working schedule.

5. Contract and Permits

Our pre-construction checklist will identify what needs to be done before construction commences. GREENbilt Homes will ensure that all building permits required are approved before the contract is signed and we proceed to the construction phase.


6. Construction

We begin the construction process which is closely managed by our project management team to ensure your house is built to our high quality expectations, within budget and on schedule.


7. Progress Payments

Typically we will meet with you on-site every fortnightly, but you can be involved as much or as little as you want to be. Progress payments usually align with project milestones to help provide clarity when funding your project.

Closing.Home.Key8. Close-Out

The close-out phase consists of a pre-delivery inspection when your new home is ready for occupancy. This is your opportunity (or a designate) to examine your new home and identify any incomplete items or deficiencies. Our team will ensure that all the items on this list are taken care of to your satisfaction, before issuing a Certificate of Completion and Possession (CPP) for your home. Your Tarion warranties will begin the date that this is issued


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